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Spectrum TruDepth Economic

* Spun-Bonded

The new Economic Spectrum TruDepth filter cartridge delivers outstanding value for money, where the removal of broad range of particulate size is required.

Spectrum TruDepth Standard

* Spun-Bonded

A durable single-use depth filtration cartridge offering the best all-round protection in terms of functionality & cost. Designed to resist a wide range of chemical solutions.

Spectrum TruDepth Premier

* Spun-Bonded

The Spectrum TruDepth Premier, with rigid polypropylene matrix and grooved construction for high surface area is ideal for viscous or high temperature applications. FDA approved materials.

GE Purtrex Spun-Bonded

These large diameter filter cartridges provide the perfect solution in industries and applications requiring high temperature and absolute rated efficiency at a low pressure drop.

GE Z.Plex Absolute

The Z.Plex Absolute range from GE is spun-bonded technology at a higher level of engineering. Achieving as much as 400% greater efficiency than other traditional absolute-rated depth cartridges.

Spectrum Wound

Traditionally known as ‘String’ type, the SPECTRUM Wound depth filtration range is a perfectly suited pre-filter to protect more expensive secondary or final filtration systems. Offered in three media options with a wide range of micron ratings.

ProBond Resin-Bonded

Resin-bonded depth filtration cartridges have a unique, two-stage filtration design to maximise particle removal and service life in viscous and/or high temperature fluid filtration applications.