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Pentair 5'' Slimline Housings

5” Slimline plastic housings from Pentair.

Pentair 10'' Slimline Housings

10” Slimline plastic housings from Pentair.

Pentair 10'' Standard Housings

10” Standard plastic housings from Pentair.

Pentair 20'' Housings

20” plastic housings from Pentair.

Pentair High Temperature Housings

Constructed of glass reinforced nylon, high temperature filter housings are an economical alternative to stainless steel and carbon steel housings.

SPECTRUM Aqualyze Industrial Housings

Constructed from FDA approved materials, SPECTRUM Aqualyze housings provide the reliability, dependability and performance, backed up by a 5 year warranty.

SPECTRUM Aqualyze Pure Water Housings

Constructed using only pure virgin polypropylene materials containing no colourants, fillers, talc or additives means the SPECTRUM natural housing which complies with FDA requirements, is suitable for all food contact applications.

Plastic Cartridge Housing Accessories

Incamesh provide a full range of accessories for plastic cartridge housings.

Economic Filter Housing Systems

Pre-assembled, of-the-shelf filter cartridge housing systems make installation easier and reduce labour costs significantly.

SPECTRUM Inox Single-Round Filter Housings

Available in Economy, Standard & Premier, these SPECTRUM Inox 316L stainless steel, single-round filter housings provide and industrial option to filtration requirements. Options include 222 and 226 fittings, drains and gauge ports.

SPECTRUM Inox 3/5/7/12 Round Housings

The SPECTRUM Inox 316L stainless steel, multi-round filter housings provide an industrial option to filtration requirements, that are available in 5 to 12 round and 10-40" lengths.

SPECTRUM Inox 22/36 Round

The Inox multi-round stainless steel filter housings are available in 22-52 round and 10-40” lengths. Premier option includes swing-bolt closure over clamp and 222 cartridge adaptors or legs are available.


Full range of accessories for Single Round and Multi Round Stainless Steel cartridge housings.