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Wire Mesh

* We supply high standard European woven wire mesh for all industries from stock in roll form or cut pieces to your requirements. *

Intermediate Crimp

Both the warp and weft wires are pre-crimped prior to weaving, normally for coarser meshes to provide stability for larger apertures with relatively light wires.. This is also commonly used as car grilles for its decorative qualities.


A standard roll is approx. 30m long. We can supply any part length as may be required to meet your exact needs, or further process the mesh into squares, rectangles,circles, discs or other shapes for you.

Mesh Count

This is the number of openings per lineal inch, measured by counting the number of openings from the centre of one wire to the centre of another wire one lineal inch away.

Plain Weave

This is the most common weave giving a precise aperture.


The selvedge is the finished edges of a roll.

Twill Weave

When the wire diameter is too thick in proportion to the aperture, or the wirecloth is too fine for the wire to withstand the stress of crimping, the mesh is produced in twill weave.


The warp wires run lengthways in a roll of mesh.


In addition to square mesh plain and twill woven cloths, we can supply Hollander or ‘Dutch’ weave cloth that combines strength with the finest of filtration.


The weft wires run widthways in a roll of mesh.


The standard widths for wire cloth are 1m and 1.22m. We do additionally stock wider widths of certain specifications, generally 1.27m, 1.30m and 1.53m wide, and can supply up to 3m widths produced to order. Smaller widths to the very narrowest can be produced on our modern and fast slitting machines.

Types of weave

The largest demand is for plain or twilled weave, through to plain dutch and twilled dutch weaves for the finest filtration, down to 6 microns.


We stock woven mesh made from the following materials:


Aluminium and Aluminium alloys are preferred where very lightweight cloth is required.


Brass has not the toughness or corrosive resistant qualities of Phosphor Bronze but it is harder than copper. It is an alloy of Copper and Zinc and is easily soldered.


Copper is comparatively soft but offers good resistance to corrosion and is an excellent conductor of heat and electricity. It is easily soldered.


Excellent strength at high temperatures and resistance to corrosion.


Monel metal is a natural alloy containing approximately 67% Nickel, 28% Copper and about 5% other elements. It provides great resistance to corrosion and high temperature and has good tensile strength.

Phosphor Bronze

This tough ductile metal is widely used. Alloyed from 92% Copper, 8% Tin and a small quantity of Phosphorous, it has good resistance to corrosion. It is easily soldered.

Stainless Steel

Toughness and resistance to corrosion are the qualities of this metal and the increased life obtained by using it amply justifies the initial cost. All our standard meshes (2 to 500 mesh) are stocked in Type 304 quality and several in Type 316. Additional grades of steel are available to order, including 316L, 430, 310 and 321.


Where economy and strength are the main factors, mild steel will meet normal requirements. To prevent rust, Galvanised wire may be used.